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Subject: Re: [docbook] glossary

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 09:13 -0800, Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I think my question wasn't very clear.  I understand that it is a print book
> with page numbers.  What I wasn't understanding is what element in the body
> of the book that the reference from the glossary is pointing to. 
A physical page.

>  Is it to
> be a firstterm element, an inline glossterm, a section, a para, or what?
> When the reader follows the page reference from the glossary, what do they
> find?
I guess that's the difference? No xml endpoint,
just a request to
<quote>Open the book, and read it. the page number is XXX</quote>

> I often use page references from a glossary, but usually to a section that
> provides further information about the glossary entry.  I just add an xref
> at the end of the glossdef paragraph.

I'm using glossseealso and glossee (How many s 's Norm???)
quite happily for cross-referencing.
Just a reference out of the docbook world to the 'other' world
that I fell over on.

regards DaveP 

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