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Subject: Confusion with tables

Hi list,

Firstly, I'm not subscribed (any more) to this list, so if you could
cc: me any replies that would be fantastic.

I'm a bit unsure about tables and docbook.
Which model should I be using?
- row/entry etc, (CALS model?)
- Or tr/td, (HTML model?)

At the moment, I'm using row/entry. I'm having a couple of problems. I
need to make a heading  column (as opposed to a heading row). There
seems to be no other way than wrapping each cell in <emphasis>.

To make a heading row, I'd use <thead><row><entry...../></row><thead>.
As I can't put a column in thead, I'm at a loss. Do I use colspec

If my table has subdivisions, i.e. half way down I have another
sub-heading saying "Other elements", for example, how should I
structure the html?

Currently I've got a <row><entry namest= nameend=>... which spans the
table, but this probably isn't ideal.

I've stuck an example table here: http://aidan.dotgeek.org/exampletable.htm

Thanks for any help or suggestions,

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