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Subject: Transforming Docbook style sheets (HTML to XHTML)


I have a rather simple question which in hindsight will probably seem
dumb.  I am using Docbook XSD 4.5b1 and want to add a few templates to
some of the Docbook XSL 1.68 XHTML style sheets (to transform XML
documents based on Docbook XSD 4.5b1). From what I've read, the XHTML
style sheets should not be edited manually and instead they should be
generated using html2xhtml.xsl ... so I added my desired template to
the HTML style sheets. I then tried to apply the html2xhtml style shee
to transform my HTML style sheets to XHTML style sheets (using a
wonderful tool named Oxygen) but I received all sorts of errors in my
attempt to do so.

Is there a suggested approach as to how to perform the transform from
HTML to XHTML using a tool such as Oxygen? I couldn't find an FAQ
about this but maybe I missed it. Thank you for any suggestions!


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