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Subject: Re: [docbook] XInclude problem

Thanks, Ranup.

Ok, I understand the point. However, is there any method to include a 
section (or any other logically correct element) in the logically 
correct place in the master document. I don't want to mix inclusions by 
entities and xinclude in one document since it may be difficult to 


Anup Rav wrote:

>Hi Zbyszek,
>This is what is mentioned in the documentation for <section> element
>documentation in "DocBook: The Definitive Guide" by Norman Walsh and
>Leonard Muellner With contributions from Bob Stayton.
>"None of the sectioning elements is allowed to "float" in a component.
>You can place paragraphs and other block elements before a section,
>but you cannot place anything after it."
>The reason could be that in printed output of a book end of each
>section should be identified by reader. It would be more convenient in
>a printed book that content should be followed just after the title of
>section rather than a section title and then some content and some
>nested section then content for the parent section.
>So in a printed book it is usually impossible for a reader to detect
>the end of the enclosed section and, therefore, all content after a
>section appears in that section.

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