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Subject: Re: [docbook] XInclude problem

Well, I think it's easier for me to split the entire document into chunks and xinclude them rather than struggle with workarounds. I'll use the contents both in print and HTML, so I guess creating a master document with a bunch of xincludes should be the safest method.

Thanks again,


On 7/5/05, Anup Rav <anup.rav@gmail.com> wrote:
I don't think any standard way to include the content without using
entities and xinclude.

One option coupld be to use <xref endterm="section-id"/> xref with
endterm attribute having
id value of section whose content need to be render and accessible to

But this is having some problems and may be used only for specific
needs, problems like content would be clickable in screen view of
resultant format. If you are taking print it won't be a problem. Also
the content would be apearing two times, at place where xref is placed
and at place where actual content is available. So if your content is
shared then it would be a suggested approach.

Anup Rav.

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