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Subject: Dates on biblioentries within bibliography

I've got a number of DocBook bibliography documents (one <bibliography> 
per file). Most files contain only one <biblioentry>; most biblioentry 
sections contain an <abstract>.

I've customized the standard XSL stylesheets so that the XHTML 
presentation is something like


   AuthorFirstName AuthorLastName. Title. Publisher. Edition.
   Copyright. ISBN.

   Abstract first para


   Abstract last para


Historically, I've used //bibliographyinfo/pubdate for the trailing 
"Date." It signifies when I wrote the abstract (which is really a 
mini-review rather than a traditional abstract).

I'm in a position now, however, that I'd like to have multiple 
biblioentry sections per file, but assign each biblioentry its own date. 
I don't think that //biblioentry/pubdate nor //biblioentry/date is the 
correct tagging, but I'm at a loss to know what is.

Any clues?

Paul Heinlein <> heinlein@madboa.com <> www.madboa.com

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