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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Accommodating articles.

Doug du Boulay <ddb@owari.msl.titech.ac.jp> writes:

> Norman Walsh wrote:
> > | (2) It would be useful to have a formal <contact> element within
> > |     <authorgroup>, typically, but not always one of the authors
> > |     of the article. It would therefore need the same content
> > |     as <author>, but probably wouldn't be displayed by default.
> >
> > Perhaps use role on one of the authors?
> That would be easier. 
> Ruth Ivimey-Cook also suggested:
> > <authorgroup>
> >  <author role="contact">...</author>
> >  <author>...</author>
> > <authorgroup>
> I guess it would be very unusual to have a contact that wasn't actually an 
> author. But maybe in happens in some corporate environments? 
> Perhaps  <author role="contact-nonauthor">...</author> would be 
> a general solution?

Maybe the Othercredit or Collab elements would be better. I don't
think it's all that uncommon to need to give credit or attribution
to non-authors. For example, one case that comes up often in man
pages is the need to credit the developer of the application that
is documented in the man page.

I think the appropriate way to mark up those instances is with
Othercredit and a Contrib or Personblurb child that describes the
person's role.


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