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Subject: [docbook] DocBook 4 and XSLT 1.69.1 Question

Hi List,

Speaking of which, I was wondering about a special (I call it) bug that
springs into DocBook, when upgrading from any Version prior to 1.68.1 to
XSLT 1.69.1 (DTD 4.3) using xsltproc.
The AutoTOC at the beginning of the document is strangely formatted,
meaning, that only the chapter identifiers are equipped with one space
before the name, all "lower" pars, like sections 1 thru 3 have the same
margin, at the left end of the page.
Furthermore, the margin of normale floating text within a para has a higher
margin than the chapter and section texts, which obviously looks kind of
Apart from all these problems, I seem to be unable to create a multicolumn
IndexList (listing of <indexterm>s). I go with xsltproc with --stringparam
column.count.index 2, but i only get i column...
I would be tremendously happy, if anyone had useable suggestions as to how
to solve these problems.
If you might want to take a look at the document, which i have written so
far (although some of you might not be able to read the German Language):

I thank you all for your help and remain with kind regards

Kai M Poppe

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