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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook tool chain recommendations?

Also not Open Source, but an excellent editor, oXygen offers built in 
support for RelaxNG and FOP (and more!)

Best regards,


klaus e. werner wrote:

> Rich Morin wrote:
>> I'm still trying to decide on an Open Source tool chain to use
>> for formatting DocBook into PDF.  I gather that the procedure
>> is to use an XSLT processor to process DocBook into XSL-FO,
>> then use an XSL-FO processor to generate the PDF.
> (Though not completely Open Source / FLOSS ...)
> Did you have a look at XMLMind's XXE Editor?  It is probably as 
> convenient as can be, and has nice plug-ins for FOP or RenderX (the 
> latter one is available in a Personal Edition).
> It is extensively documented and customizable, and the Pro version 
> gives you the full (Java) Source Code, too.
> Best wishes,
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