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Subject: Re: comment-form@oasis-open

/ Mary McRae <marypmcrae@gmail.com> was heard to say:
| Hi Norm,
|   I checked the comment archives, and while the spam appears to be
| coming from the comment form, the address is spoofed.

Who subscribed comment-form@oasis-open.org to the docbook list? Can
it be unsubscribed?

| There aren't any emails in the comment archive; comments sent via a
| form to any of our comment lists are not copied to the tc mail
| lists.

I thought the DocBook TC was special in that comments went to our
public list (docbook@...). Where is the comments archive for DocBook?

| Note that the emails are not going to docbook-tc - the email
| address for the TC itself.

True, but I thought that was because the public list was where comments
were supposed to go. As chair, it is where I want them to go; we
use the public list for technical discussion.

| This list is restricted and only TC
| members can post. The emails (at least the ones I've seen) are
| instead going to the docbook list which is a general discussion
| list.
| I'm copying Peter Roden and Scott McGrath to see if there's anything
| we can do from an IT perspective to prevent these types of postings.


                                        Be seeing you,

P.S. If necessary, I'd be willing to have a separate list for
comments from the comment form. If anything interesting ever turned up
on it, I could always forward it to the real list. At least then, I'd
be the only one who had to read it.

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | So, are you working on finding
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | that bug now, or are you leaving
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | it until later? Yes.

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