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Subject: Re: [docbook] Function prototype comments

Russell Shaw <rjshaw@netspace.net.au> writes:

> Where do i put parameter comments (/*...*/) in function prototypes?
> When i try it, the semicolons come after the comments instead of after
> the parameters:
> XkbDoodadPtr XkbAddGeomDoodad(geom,
>                               section,
>                               name);
> XkbGeometryPtr geom /* geometry to which the doodad is added */;
> XkbSectionPtr  section /* section, if any, to which the doodad is added */;
> Atom           name /* name of the new doodad */;

I am not sure what the expected behavior should be. Consider the
following example:

  <paramdef>char *<parameter>a</parameter>[]</paramdef>

When that's rendered, where should semicolon go?

I guess the problem is that DocBook does not provide any way to
mark up comments as part of param definitions. It treats text
within a Paramdef before and after the Parameter as part of the
parameter definition.

The way it is now, the stylsheets have no way to know whether the
stuff after the Parameter is a comment, or a part of the Paramdef.

I guess we could have them search through any text after the
Parameter and look for instances of a "/*" delimiter, and if
found, render that text after the semicolon.


Michael Smith


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