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Subject: <indexterm>'s type attribute


What is the intended purpose of the <indexterm>'s "type" attribute? I looked in DocBook The Definitive Guide, and I see this information:
  Name = type
  Type = CDATA
  Default = None

But what is its intended use?

I'm trying to improve a DocBook XML (v-4.4) structured FrameMaker application so that the XML it exports is closer to being exactly the XML it imports. All imported occurrences of '<indexterm>' export as '<indexterm type = "Index" >', and I am guessing that the added attribute and its value are Marker type information FrameMaker injects for its own use, in expectation that the XML will be going back into FrameMaker. 

If the DocBook <indexterm> element's "type" attribute is meant to be used for exactly this kind of thing, then I am inclined to leave the additional exported information; otherwise, I will look for a way to remove it. So, that's why I'm asking. 


Steve Whitlatch

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