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Subject: Re: [docbook] converting DocBook SGML to XML?

Hi Rich,

We do this conversion every time we make a document, because some of our 
output comes from XML source, while other output (PDF, namely) is 
processed through DSSSL stylesheets.  The tool we use for the conversion 
is osx.  Here is the command-line from our shell script:

# Converts SGML to XML, disregarding all error messages.
osx -wno-valid -x lower -x no-nl-in-tag $sgml > main.xml 2>/dev/null

Hope that helps.



Bob McIlvride, Communications Manager, Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.
162 Guelph Street, Suite 253, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 5X7, Canada
Phone: 905-812-9628, Email: bob.mcilvride@cogent.ca, Web: www.cogent.ca

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