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Subject: Re: Announce: DocBook V5.0b1

> * Norman Walsh <aqj@ajnyfu.pbz> [2005-10-29 08:58:45 -0400]:
> The XSL Stylesheets support (mostly) DocBook V5.0 documents, so you
> can begin using DocBook V5.0 today.
> [3] http://docbook.org/docs/howto/

      However XLink links are not checked during validation, while
      xml:id/linkend links are checked for ID/IDREF consistency. It
      depends on your needs what approach to internal linking is more
      suitable for you.
      One case where the XLink-based, fragment identifier scheme is
      useful is when XInclude is being used. XML ID/IDREF links cannot
      span XInclude boundaries.

this means that if my document lives in several files, I cannot combine
them together using xinclude because I require link validation and
cross-linking between document parts.  (I also produce chunked output
thus xl:href="#dir" will not work for me anyway).

I am not using xinclude anyway, I have been using SYSTEM entities, and
it appears that I can keep using them.

<2> what do I use instead of <structfield> to mark up a slot (field) in
    a structure or class?


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