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Subject: Re: [docbook] NS.prefixed ... MATHML.prefixed ...?

Hi Steven,

On Sunday 06 November 2005 21:20, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> IIRC, there is some kind of slight of hand going on in the following
> DTD snippet taken from the
> http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/mathml/1.1CR1/dbmathml.dtd
> <!-- tell the MathML DTD to do the right prefixing -->
> <!ENTITY % NS.prefixed     "INCLUDE">
> <!ENTITY % MATHML.prefix   "%mathml-prefix;">
> <!ENTITY % NamespaceDecl.attrib "
> 	xmlns%mathml-colon;%mathml-prefix;
> 	CDATA	#FIXED 'http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML'
> ">

The above declarations include the namespace prefix before each element. 
As I write in my other mails, DTDs can not deal with namespaces. So this 
is the only way to accomplish it in a more or less hacky way. :)

The parameter entity %NS.prefixed; holds INCLUDE or IGNORE depending 
whether you wish to insert a prefix or not. The PE %MATHML.prefix; 
contains the namespace prefix itself. If you scroll up a bit, you can see 
it is "mml". All these declarations is needed to put together the element 
name, either with or without the prefix.


Thomas Schraitle

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