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  • From: Jirka Kosek <>
  • To: "Steven T. Hatton" <>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 09:30:09 +0100
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Steven T. Hatton wrote:

>>Why? Once MathML is read through XML parser by some mathematical
>>symbolic application this distinction is loss. 
> Not really.  \[NotExists] is &NotExists;, \[Implies] is &Implies;, etc.

XML parser will expand &NotExists; to a sequence of Unicode characters 
(and possibly also some markup) before handing in to the application. So 
with the support of good editor, you can type in Unicode characters 
directly in a way very similar to typing named entities.

> There are also problems such as whether what you see is a Greek omicron or a 
> Latin (English) 'O'.  These things matter in terms of querying presentational 
> XML, and in terms of interpreting content XML.

This is also application problem. If those characters have similar 
glyphs, your XML editor could show symbolic name of character instead.

> In MathML there are twenty tables of symbols similar to the table shown here:
> There are about 150 unique characters listed in that table. Perhaps there is a 
> way to represent the entire collection in a single symbol to be added to a 
> document, but simply adding the particular entities of interest is not an 
> option.

You can simply create small file that includes all these tables and then 
reference just this file from your internal subset.

> How is the editor supposed to know what entities are intended to represent a 
> particular character? 

There are zillion ways to implement it.

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