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Subject: RE: [docbook] Whatever happened too CSS+XML?

--- Peter Ring <PRI@magnus.dk> wrote:
<snip>Lots of really good ideas</snip>
> It might be neccessary to use some extensions
> to or an alternative represenation of CSS in
> order to implement property groups and other
> features that cannot be modelled in CSS.
> Kind regards
> Peter Ring

I have some experience in extending the (modular)
xhtml 1.0 Basic DTD to great affect (I added
XInclude among other things). I also find that
xhtml is many times much easier to use when its
xml qualities are focused on - so I'd like to
jump into this excellent conversation by pointing
out that an extended xhtml could be perhaps the
first transformation in the pipeline
concentrating on the semantic meaning of the
docbook xml. And then from there transform again
into xhtml 1.0 strict to conform to www best
practice (or HTML 4.1 for the purests out there).



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