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Subject: [docbook] Customisation of title page not working in DocBook SGML

On Nov 17, Jeremy Malcolm (Jeremy@Malcolm.id.au) wrote:
 > I posted this message to comp.text.sgml, but I didn't receive any
 > replies so I'm reposting to this list.
 > I am trying to customise a book title page, and my driver file contains
 > this:
 > ;; add bibliomisc element to title page
 > (define (book-titlepage-recto-elements)
 >   (list (normalize "title")
 >         (normalize "subtitle")
 >         (normalize "graphic")
 >         (normalize "mediaobject")
 >         (normalize "corpauthor")
 >         (normalize "authorgroup")
 >         (normalize "author")
 >         (normalize "editor")
 >         (normalize "bibliomisc")))
 > (mode book-titlepage-recto-mode
 >   (element bibliomisc
 >     (make paragraph
 >       font-size: (HSIZE 6)
 >       font-weight: 'bold
 >       (process-children)))
 > )
 > The title page does not include my bibliomisc element, though (other
 > changes made in the same file do work though, so I know it's being
 > processed).  What am I missing?
 > TIA

I haven't read the list for a while; did you resolve this?

I see there is handling for the bibliomisc element in
book-titlepage-recto-mode in the stylesheets, so that means if you just put
the bibliomisc element in the list book-titlepage-recto-elements but do not
define any handling for the bibliomisc element, that alone should make it
appear on the title page.  I'm thinking that it might be productive to isolate
the problem by focusing on getting it to appear first, then making the
format more to your liking later.

Neil Roeth

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