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Subject: Custom Xref Formatting

I have :

                                    <figure id="i329971b" pgwide="1">




                                                                        <imagedata fileref="file:///c: /0001126C.eps" contentwidth="6.500in" contentdepth="3.386in"/>





And I’m using the following <xref> to reference this figure.


<emphasis role="strong">(<xref xrefstyle="select: label" linkend="i329971b"/>,(1))</emphasis>


This generates an output like this: (Figure 1,(1)) ß the “1” changes the rest of the text is fixed.


Is there a better way to reduce the amount of code used in my <xref> statement?  I’ve tried to add custom formatting but it doesn’t seem to take effect.


What I would like to achieve is something like this (making up my own tag here):

<xref xrefstyle=”template: figurewparens” linkend=”i329971b” value=”1”/>   to output (Figure 1,(1))


Is this possible?




David White

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