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Subject: Titlepage in PDF urgent please help


I am using  XML mind editor to generate the xml file and then using ant 
script to get the out put in the form of JavaHelp jar and Pdf.

I have not added any book info in the xml file so What I get in the title 
page of PDF is just the title of the book. But the issue is that  I get two 
title page that is
1. the first mentioning the title in a big font size (without any header 
and footer)
2. the second mentioning the title in a small font size (with  header and 
3. a blank page (with header and footer)

and after the third page the table of content page starts.

I don't want the second and the third page that is the blank page and the 
page with redundant title information.
The JavaHelp jar out put is satisfactory and I don't find any issues.

Can any one tell me how to get rid of these extra pages?


Mita Majumdar
Developer - IT Solutions

Confidign Solutions P. Ltd.
B 25, Okhla Phase - 1,
New Delhi - 110 020.

Tel : +91 11 2681 8255
Fax : +91 11 2681 5124


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