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Subject: RE: [docbook] From WinHelp to Docbook

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott D Friedemann 
> We currently have an extensive Help system in .HLP format 
> (sources are in 
> .HSC).  While it's easy to make .HLP out of the .HSC, we also 
> produce HTML 
> and paper documentation (LaTeX).  There is a great deal of 
> duplication of 
> effort in this process.
> Docbook seems well-suited for our goal of having a single set 
> of sources 
> from which a variety of output formats can be made.
> The hurdle we have is how to convert our large volume of 
> existing .HSC files 
> to Docbook initially.  I've scoured the 'Net and have not 
> found anything to 
> assist with this conversion.
> Does such a tool exist?

The .HSC file format is probably used only by HelpScribble. I think the
chances of finding a readily available converter are slim.

Maybe the easiest route is to go from HTML and/or LaTeX to DocBook. You
might be able to use some of the tools listed here:


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