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Subject: issues with TDG

I'm browsing The Docbook Guide, looking for some information concerning
classsynopsis, and I note this:

* The 'class' attribute only allows 'class' and 'interface', which seems to
   be a bit java-centric. Why doesn't it allow other values, such as 'struct'
   (C/C++) ? In fact, what is its processing expectation ?

* There doesn't appear to be any indication of what values are expected as
   language identifiers, yet the stylesheets do require specific values
   (such as 'cpp' for C++). What is the reason the language's type isn't an
   enumeration ?

* The description of the 'class' attribute down in the 'Attributes' section
   contains a typo ("The Class attribute identifies the whether this is the
   synopsis of a class or an interface.")


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