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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Embed XML into DocBook XML

On Tue, 30 May 2006 08:08:19 +0200, Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no> wrote:

>>>>>> "Danilo Reinhardt" <dre@systemhausc.de>:
>> whats the correct way to embedded a xml based file (schemata/xsd) as
>> formatted/inlined "source code" into a docbook xml? Are there any
>> helper programs to do this task?
> (Note that this question is more suited to docbook-apps)
> I have used three ways of doing this:
>  1. Paste the XML source code into a <programlisting> element and
>     replace all "<" characters with "&lt;"
>  2. Paste the XML source code into a CDATA section inside a
>     <programlisting> element, ie.
> 	<programlisting><![CDATA[]]></programlisting>
>     The XML source then goes before the first closing bracket, eg.
> 	<programlisting><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" ?>
> <myxml>
>  <mysubelem/>
> </myxml>
> ]]></programlisting>
>  3. Use an <xi:include href="somefile.xml" parse="text"> inside a
>     <programlisting> element.  Note that the latter means that you
>     will need an XSLT processor that understands XInclude (I use
>     xsltproc, which does), and that if you have a DTD or schema aware
>     editor, you may need to add XInclude to your DTD.
>     This is my preferred solution, because it allows me to have my
>     document depend on and use "live" and tested code

These combinations are valid too:

<programlisting><textobject><textdata fileref="file.xml"></textobject>

<mediaobject><imageobject><imagedata format="linespecific"  


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