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Subject: DocBook and TEI P5

Hi there,

I'm writing an application which saves files in both TEI (Text-Encoding 
Initiative) P5 XML format, and in DocBook (v5). I'm trying to create a 
mapping of basic tags in the two formats, so that round-tripping is 
possible with simple documents. I wonder if anyone familiar with both 
TEI and DocBook could help with this simple question:

Among the most commonly-used tags in TEI are format-related tags such as:

<hi rend="bold">
<hi rend="italics">
<hi rend="underline">

(For purists not familiar with TEI, I should point out that it's often 
used to digitize existing books and manuscripts, and these tags are used 
to describe the style of text in the source document.)

Is there any DocBook equivalent I could use? I haven't found anything so 
shamelessly style-related (which is quite proper, given the purpose and 
nature of DocBook). Can anyone suggest any alternative way of turning 
such tags into acceptable DocBook markup?

All help appreciated,

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
Half-Baked Software, Inc.

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