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Subject: Docbook 5 info element

Hi All,

We had a little discussion overhere on the use of  <info>, in general 
and in the current docbook 5 documentation.

According to the website (http://docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/info.html)"

The info element contains meta-information about the element that 
contains it.
Processing expectations

Suppressed. Many of the elements in this wrapper may be used in 
presentation, but they are not generally printed as part of the 
formatting of the wrapper. The wrapper merely serves to identify where 
they occur. "

I understand it as that elements in info are not generally used for 
direct presentation but the docbook 5 documentation (xml) contains a lot 
of title elements (and mostly only the title element) in <info>, also on 
<section> level.

This raises the question of 'best practices' and the processing of title 
elements in <info>, ignore all <info> children for direct presentation? 
Use it for generation of Table of Contents only ? (which would be 
useless because a reader might look for the title on a page where he 
found  it in the ToC)

Curious minds etc...


Gerrit Kuilder

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