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Subject: DocBook samples for docstandards-interop-tech forum?

Greetings fellow DocBook enthusiasts!

The docstandards-interop-tech is a forum hosted at OASIS to look at interoperability between DocBook, DITA and ODF.

As part of this work, we are looking for example content to help demonstrate the interoperability scenarios we've come up with.

As part of the scenarios, we are looking for sample or public documentation of the following variety:
1. a DocBook procedure on how to include text  in emails (perhaps from an email software support website)
2. email security guidelines written in DocBook (likely a section-level chunk)

The goal is to then use transforms to demonstrate interoperability of this content in both DITA and ODF with content native to those standards.

If you are willing to contribute sample content, or can send me pointers to existing available content, it would
be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and best regards,


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