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Subject: Fo question

Dear all,

for my project I am creating an pdf file using 
It is a book project.

In the pdf-file I always get a page with just a headline on it
"Part I. Installing...."
the next page contains just the table of contents and
on the next page it starts with "Chapter 1."

How to I get rid of the page with just "Part I. Installing..." on it?

Below you'll find the ant task I am using for xsl-process.

<target name="xmltofo" depends="">
<java jar="Documentation/src/Tools/saxon.jar" fork="true">
<arg line="-o Documentation/src/doc.fo  Documentation/src/doc.xml
		Documentation/src/DocBook/xsl-1.70.1/fo/docbook.xsl" />
<arg value='paper.type="A4"' />
<arg value='chunk.section.depth="0"' />
<arg value='chunk.first.sections="0"' />
<arg value='generate.section.toc.level="0"' />
<arg value='toc.section.depth="1"' />
<arg value='toc.max.depth="3"' />
<arg value='generate.index="1"' />

Thanks for your help,
   Stefan Mueller.

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