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Subject: Advice needed on annotating page breaks...


I need a little bit of advice from the DocBook community
on the best way to handle this situation:

We're creating DocBook documents that are re-typed
versions of various old paper published documents. DocBook
is a good match for the chapters, sections, tables and
paragraphs etc that make up these source documents.

It's very important to us to record where page breaks
occur in the source documents and we're currently using
<annotation> elements for this.

The problem is that the DocBook 5 schema doesn't allow
<annotation> elements to appear in all the places we
need (e.g. between sections of a chapter, or before a
chapter title).

I can see several ways to handle this, but I'm not sure
which way (if any) is best practice:

- modify the schema to allow <annotation> elements

- find a better element for these page breaks than

- use an XML processing instruction instead

Any advice much appreciated,



Stuart Hungerford
ANUSF Data Intensive Projects

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