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Subject: Re: Add topic element to DocBook?

/ Steve Cogorno <Steven.Cogorno@Sun.COM> was heard to say:
| Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
|> What content model would Tasktopic have?
|> And "tasktopic" ain't a pretty name. What about naming it
|> "process" or "operation" instead? (Yeah I know those stink too,
|> but they stink less than "tasktopic".)
| I strongly believe that task should be in the name of the element.  It's
| important for people to associate the tasktopic with task.
| I would also be in favor of simply adding task as a peer to topic, but I
| suspect others would not agree.

I suppose if we agreed to remove task as a block element, we could
simpy use the name "task" for the peer of topic. It would seem truely
odd however to allow:


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