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Subject: Re: [docbook] Add topic element to DocBook?

On Friday 27 October 2006 14:07, Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> I suspect that the content-reuse/modular-authoring proponents
> would not be happy with Part, because like Chapter and Section, it
> implies some larger document or sequence.
> Or maybe it doesn't.

I can't see the problem with modularity. XInclude and XPointer enable 
virtually any node to be included by reference in a document. That is 
providing that it is valid to include at that position, not break the valid 

Take this as a basic example:

 <title>Inter Account Transfer</title>
   <xi:include href="../mods/inter-account-transfer.xml" \
     xpointer="xpointer(//section)" \
		<para>FIX ME</para>

Using the possabilities of XPointer provides an excellent solution for modular 

I have also just started experimenting with XQuery to assemble document 
objects into complete documents. The possabilities are endless.

Ask me about the Monkey.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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