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Subject: Re: [docbook] Add topic element to DocBook?

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:

>> Essentially <topic> and <section> are the same, but not
>> interchangeable correct?
> Not interchangeable in the sense that they could be siblings
> within the same doc instance. For example, you couldn't do this:
>   <section>...
>   <topic>...
>   <section>...
> Another difference is that while Section is not allowed as a child
> of Book, Topic would be.

If topic and section (and perhaps even sect[n]) could be aligned,
with not dissimilar content models, it would make sense
for marketing reasons.

To have the db contributors slaving over variant content models
for marketing reasons sounds a bit silly.

I pause each time I come to section|sect1 already.
If I had topic in the mix as well..... I guess I'd
start laughing.

I can see the mkt side, but please make it syntactic sugar
for [you name it] to minimise the work load?


Dave Pawson

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