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Subject: Re: [docbook] Add topic element to DocBook?

So, in your version, would topic be allowed to have introductory text
before the first section?

On 10/29/06, Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> wrote:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> > I can't see the problem with modularity. XInclude and XPointer enable
> > virtually any node to be included by reference in a document. That is
> > providing that it is valid to include at that position, not break the valid
> > rule.
>  >
> ...
> >
> > Using the possabilities of XPointer provides an excellent solution for modular
> > docbook.
> I think that there are two levels of modularity. One is on physical
> level where you want to assembly document from smaller fragments stored
> in a separate files. For this purposes XInclude is sufficient.
> But you might also think about modularity from logical level where you
> want to create small self-contained information modules that can be
> later combined together in a various ways. This is approach taken by
> DITA and although I personally prefer more narrative documents there are
> users who prefer such approach for technical documents writing.
> If we want to support such type of documents in DocBook I think it is
> better to devote new topic element for this instead of using section.
> Sections can contain leading text before nested section which is
> something what should be forbidden from principle in documents assembled
> from self-contained topics.
> I think that we should add support for topic based authoring into
> DocBook incrementally. We can start with adding topic element as Norm
> proposed and support two types of topics (selected by @class attribute):
> general topic and task topic (to accommodate RFE). If users will start
> to use this approach to document design we can later add more types of
> topics (reference, glossary) or even create first class elements from them.
> Similar approach could be taken for "contentmap" element used for
> specifying assembly of topics. We can start with a very minimalistic
> approach and later can add more features. For example, current DocBook
> Website document type is in principle a very similar to topic/contentmap
> architecture. I can imagine that both website and slides could be later
> merged into this proposed topic-oriented DocBook feature.
>                                 Jirka
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