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Subject: Re: [docbook] alternative topic proposal

Bob Stayton wrote:
>> So what's the difference between a topic and an article then?
> A topic and an article are semantically similar, in that they are both 
> intended as standalone content.  But I would say that, semantically 
> speaking,
Isn't that the real problem?
We seem to be viewing a topic quite differently, possibly even 
differently to IBM topic users? I.e. we're all guessing how they will
be used.

The more I read on this thread, the less it seems to fit with more usual 
docbook processing (which is where I see the
work laying. More so than in the schema definitions).

I'm moving towards the 'you want dita in docbook, go make a variant' 
That way dita users can leverage docbook processing without offering new 
and existing users
yet another docbook variant.

With db5 it's getting so easy, it's not as if it's asking much?


Dave Pawson

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