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Subject: RE: [docbook] Tags to allow re-use of content from other documents

Hi Camille,

If I correctly understand what profiling is I don't think it is the
solution. Profiling offers the opportunity to tag your document so that a
condition can be passed in such that a decision can be made about what bits
are sent to the output.

We don't need the ability to specify a condition as we know we want all the
bits of a (source) document in a particular position in another document.

I can see that elements like <link> and <xref> have an endterm attribute
which allows the specification of what text is used for the link/reference
and wondered if there was an equivilent element which could grab the
contents of elements in other documents e.g. text tagged as <para>. Some
sort of <olink> equivilent that can capture text from another document



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To: Chris Borg
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Subject: Re: [docbook] Tags to allow re-use of content from other

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maybe all you need is profiling?

That question would go to docbook-apps list then.


Chris Borg a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I am looking to determine if there any tags that can be applied to a
> book that will allow re-use of content by another Docbook book? 
> We will be creating the source docbook xml document from a modelling tool
> that contains some comments and want to re-use these comments as paragraph
> text and glossary entries in a target book. We hope that by doing this it
> will allow us to maintain the comments in the modelling tool and keep the
> target Docbook file that uses this upto date with minimal intervention. 
> Also, could there be any implications for subsequent HTML or PDF outputs?
> Thanks and regards
> Chris
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