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Subject: Dividers and fleurons

In certain types of print publications (say, opinion pieces written by a 
columnist for a weekly magazine or a newspaper) it is fairly typical 
that the author may organize his paragraphs into logical sections 
_without_ using subheadings.

Instead, we may see a (more or less) graphical divider - often something 
simple, like these three asterisks, centered on a single line:

* * *

(Large round dots - such as U+25CF - or squares are also often seen 
instead of asterisks.)

A similar practice can be encountered in books - especially old ones - 
where flower or leaf motifs (properly called "fleurons") may be used at 
the end of chapters, or for divisions within a chapter. Here are some 
fonts which contain such motifs...


...and here's an article which discusses the topic:


* * *

Now, my question becomes: what is the semantically correct way of 
marking up these kind of logical divisions within a DocBook (XML) 

In HTML documents, the closest logical markup equivalent would appear to 
be <hr> - the horizontal rule - but I could not find anything quite like 
that in DocBook. The only thing I could come up with was the 
<bridgehead> element, but I'm a bit undecided about it - is it 
appropriate to use it that way, or is there a better alternative?


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