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Subject: Re: [docbook] Dividers and fleurons

Peter Ring <PRI@magnus.dk>, 2007-01-31 13:19 +0100:

> I took my cue from 'or for divisions within a chapter', and the fact
> that different printed editions of the same work often use different
> fleurons, vignettes, or dividing lines.

OK, I can definitely see that.

> Steven Pemberton presented various editions of 'Ulysses' as an
> example. I.e., the author calls for a break, a brief pause, the
> nature of which is left up to the typesetter.

I see. So for certain classes of documents (like novels) having a
way to mark those kinds of breaks or pauses is essential. I can't
think of cases where there's need for having markup for it in a
vocabulary intended mainly for computer software and hardware
documentation, but maybe there is.  <separator> seems like a good
choice for the name to me. I wonder if TEI has some similar element.



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