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Subject: Re: [docbook] Relax NG, XSD and DTA

Chris Chiasson wrote:
> On 2/10/07, Vito Piserchia <lists@metatype.it> wrote:
>> On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 12:04 -0600, Chris Chiasson wrote:
>> > I was looking at the source tree a few months ago; I believe the RNG
>> > version is generated from a set of RNC files that Norm W. manually
>> > maintains. From comments on the list, I think other schemas are
>> > generated automatically from either the RNG or RNC files.
>> >
>> As described in docbook
>> http://www.docbook.org/schemas website, the only normative schema is the
>> RNG one. This is due to the fact that,
>> while an XML Schema could be transformed into an equivalent RelaxNG
>> schema (excepting W3C XML Schema identity constraints and other object 
>> modeling related things) -for example
>> through the Sun RELAX NG converter at
>> http://wwws.sun.com/software/xml/developers/relaxngconverter
>>  -,  a RelaxNG schema couldn't be.
> Are we disagreeing here?

I think it's just getting it the wrong way round?
rng-> XSD =  OK, mainly
rng-> DTD = bit lossy

XSD->rng -> OK, mainly


Dave Pawson

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