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Subject: Re: [docbook] namespace markup

Peter Ring wrote:
> An XML namespace is not an URI; rather it is is *identified* by an URI reference.

Oh dear.
(I hate people who are 'right'
.... especially when I didn't think of it.

  To be more precise, a subset of URI references with semantics that 
differ from URI references in general.
> The empty string is an URI reference, but the empty string cannot be used as an XML namespace name.
We'll let that pass (default ns?)

  Relative URI references are deprecated as XML namespace names.


  XML namespace names are compared by string equality, i.e. not the way 
URI references are resolved. [1]

No, but as 'strings' they are uri's?
> In short: an XML namespace name looks a lot like an URI, 

and an XML namespace declaration look a lot like assigning a value to an 

But you cannot really infer much about the semantics of XML namespaces 
from that. An XML namespace name is not a type of URI.

Tell you what Peter.
I'll ask the stupid questions.
You come back with the 'right' answers, to guide us,
and the db comittee can think about it for a while.



Dave Pawson

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