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Subject: Re: [docbook] Callout, footnotes, & annotations.

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 07:45:07AM EST, Dave Pawson wrote:
> cga2000 wrote:
> >>can imagine creating alternative output of callouts using SVG to draw
> >>connecting arrows instead bulleted numbers.
> >
> >That's (vaguely) what I had in mind .. clean arrows, rather than these
> >ugly hyphens .. etc.  But I didn't find any sample or doc that would
> >show you how to do that so I figured it wasn't possible.
> Rather than having n callouts on one line,
> why not make 5 references to the same one?
> > &lt;define name="section">                               <co 
> > xml:id="triggers.ex3.3"/>
> >    &lt;element name="section">
> >      &lt;element name="title">&lt;text/>&lt;/element>
> >      &lt;oneOrMore>&lt;element 
> >      name="para">&lt;text/>&lt;/element>&lt;/oneOrMore>
> >    &lt;/element>
> >  &lt;/define>
> >  
> >  &lt;define name="sect">                                  <co 
> >  xml:id="triggers.ex3.4"/>
> >    &lt;element name="sect">
> >      &lt;element name="head">&lt;text/>&lt;/element>
> >      &lt;oneOrMore>&lt;element 
> >      name="para">&lt;text/>&lt;/element>&lt;/oneOrMore>
> >    &lt;/element>
> >  &lt;/define>
> >  
> >&lt;/grammar>
> >    
> >   
> >  </programlisting>
> >  <calloutlist>
> >    <callout arearefs="triggers.ex3.1">
> >      <para>Any of the 3 elements may be used as the start element</para>
> >    </callout>
> >    <callout arearefs="triggers.ex3.2">
> >      <para>The root element is defined as being empty</para>
> >    </callout>
> >    <callout arearefs="triggers.ex3.3">
> >      <para>The <tag class="element">section</tag> element contains a <tag 
> >      class="element">title</tag> child</para>
> >    </callout>
> >    <callout arearefs="triggers.ex3.4">
> >      <para>The <tag class="element">sect</tag> element contains a <tag 
> >      class="element">head </tag> child</para>
> >    </callout>
> >   </calloutlist>
> ></example>
> No reason I can't have 5 callouts, each specifying the same co element?

Can't test it tonight, but I think I understand what you're saying and
it looks like it might lead to a clean solution.  Have a feeling part of
your example got messed up by my mailer (mutt) -- ie. some closing '>'s
wrap to the next line and become mixed with the '>' that mutt uses for

> Does that helpl?

Pretty sure it will.  The reason I posted was that I began to realize
that I was too focused on the way I am used to doing it in text files
and was finding it hard to "reformulate" to something suitable for more
sophisticated environments. 

>   btw, I hope you have the appropriate customisation in place, to use 
> the Unicode glyphs instead of just numbers?

That's another issue I have begun to look at from a more general

Noticed I was getting the odd black diamond with an embedded question
mark when I set mozilla's "Character Encoding" to "unicode" so I
specified encoding=UTF-8 at the top of my .xml files and that took care
of this problem.  But I'm not sure what I need to do where DocBook is

My understanding is that regarding callouts, I need to specifiy UTF-8 if
I want little black circles with embedded numbers in my pdf's, right?
What makes it a little tricky in my context, is that some applications I
depend on do not play well with unicode .. so I can't just set my locale
to UTF-8.

I'll research further next weekend because I don't think this is the
kind of stuff you can figure out in a couple of hours.


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