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Subject: Re: [docbook] should I use section or sect1, sect2, sect3 etc?

I usually recommend using nested <section>. It makes it easier to reuse 
content in different contexts if you need to.

For example, the same section may be reused in multiple documents, but 
one of your documents may add another sectioning level above that reuse. 
If you use the hard-coded levels, you may not be allowed to use the 
original sect2 inside the new document's sect3. If you consistently use 
section, then you can nest them freely.

Best regards,


Rock Lobster wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm somehow confused on whether I should use nested <section> tags, or the
> "predefined" <sect1> to <sect5>.
> Are there any benefits in using the latter? Are there any reasons why one
> way should be avoided in certain situations?
> Thanks in advance!

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