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Subject: Image at titlepage (book) not displayed correctly


I am using xsltproc and fop on a Debian system. My goals are writing a
Handbook with docbook.
This is my first time I am using Docbook. So far everything went pretty
okay, I could solve all problems.  
But now there is a problem I can`t handle by my own :-|

Tools used are: xsltproc an fop 0.93 on a Debian system. 

To get an image on the first (title) page (recto) I use a spec file that is
used to create my own
titlepage.template.xsl with using xsltproc and Norman Walshs

The only thing on the title page should be this image that is as big as a A4
page so that no title etc.
is displayed. To do so I use this in my spec file:

<t:titlepage t:element="book" t:wrapper="fo:block">
   <t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">

The image gets displayed. But here comes the problem:

On the top of the page are some centimeters that are not covered by the
I tried to zero the top margin with (also in combination with each other):

<xsl:variable name="title.page.margin.top">0.1mm</xsl:variable>
<xsl:variable name="title.body.margin.top">0mm</xsl:variable>
<xsl:variable name="title.region.before.extent">0mm</xsl:variable>

in conjunction with using a template. Zeroing the margins shows effect, 
the not-covered-area gets smaller but never vanishes. 
So I tried to use the template "book.titlepage.recto" in my customization
But therefor I only get a

xsl:template: error duplicate name 'book.titlepage.recto'

from xsltproc. Although I do not use it somewhere else...? 
I suppose this is not the way to solve the problem but I dunno where else to

Isn`t it possible to cover the tile page with nothing else than an image?
I rather think there is a mistake in my sheets... 

Id really appreciate some help on this! :-) Any hint ...

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