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Subject: Re: [docbook] "Ten Commandments" in DocBook ...

Hi Roland,

On Sonntag, 10. Juni 2007, Roland Mainz wrote:
> [...]
> My 
> problem is that I'd like to categorise the items, e.g. add "tags" to
> each item (e.g. "i18n", "performance", "only applies to bourne shell"
> etc.) and then get an index per tag.

It looks for me as a task for "profiling" (see below.) To disinguish 
between your categories add attributes in each commands, for example:

 <command condition="i18n">...</command>
 <command condition="performance">...</command>

(There are more attributes available than only condition, for example os, 
arch, etc. I have choose condition because it seems the most 
appropriate.) If you need two items at the same time, write it like this:

 <command condition="i18n;ksh">...</command>

The above notation is only the first step. You have to extract each 
command, filename, etc. in regard of the condition attribute. Jiřka Kosek 
wrote an excellent article in xml.com, about "Mastering DocBook Indixes":


In his article, Jiřka demonstrates how to add indexterms automatically 
after each command, filename etc. You have to modify the stylesheet to 
your needs to get finer control, but the concept may help you for a first 

> Additionally I am looking for a 
> way to filter the text on a per-tag basis, e.g. create one document
> which covers Bourne shell, ksh88, bash, ksh93 and then per-shell
> documents (e.g. one for Bourne shell, one for ksh88, one for bash, one
> for ksh93 etc.) ...
> ... how can I do this with DocBook ?
> ----

If I understood you correctly, this is a task for profiling. For more 
information see here:



Thomas Schraitle

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