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Subject: Re: [docbook] Rename firstname and surname?

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> Robin Cover <robin@oasis-open.org>, 2007-08-09 20:51 -0400:
>> I spent all of 12 minutes surveying the territory again,
>> using online (Wikipedia) sources and other available resources:
>> "first" and "sur" don't quite get the job done from a
>> multi-cultural POV.
> What exactly is wrong with "sur" from a multi-cultural POV?

Think of any foreign languages you know Mike?
Even I could translate family, it's in the low level vocab.
'sur' just plain isn't IMHO.
That's how I judge which words to use to be understood.

[Middle English, partial translation of Old French surnom : sur-, sur- + 
nom, name.]
I don't want to move from an Anglofile bias to a Francofile one!

I'm definately +1 to 'familyname' now.

Thanks for making us think of it.


Dave Pawson

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