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Subject: Re: [docbook] Rename firstname and surname?

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:

> I don't think the point of choosing a name for this particular
> element is to find the words whose literal meanings can themselves
> most easily be translated into other languages.

I was thinking of ease of comprehension, nothing more.

>> That's how I judge which words to use to be understood.
> I don't think anybody has trouble understanding what "surname"
> means, an nobody so far in this discussion has made a clear case
> for it being inaccurate or deficient as far as multi-cultural
> naming goes -- in the way that "firstname" clearly is.

Nor am I able to differentiate semantically between the two.
I don't think your single country example stands any better
than the en specific current element names though.

> All that I'm saying is, If we are going to change an element name,
> we should have a very compelling reason for doing it. And for that
> case of surname, it seems to me at least that we don't.

Logical, though I prefer familyname as clearer.

Note, from tdg

surname - A family name; in western cultures the last name

Oh :-)


Dave Pawson

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