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Subject: Re: [docbook] Tag for "inline" program listing fragments ?


Maybe <code> : http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/code.html
It's the exact definition of what you're searching :
"The code element is an inline element for identifying small fragments of programming language code."


Roland Mainz a écrit :


Does anyone know a way to do "inline" program listings, for example a
text which only shows fragments of an example code ?

-- snip --
If it more efficient to use <literal>(( $? == 0 ))</literal> instead of
<literal>[ $? -eq 0 ]</literal>
-- snip --
I am looking for a way to replace <literal> with a tag which says it's a
program listing "fragment" (e.g. not complete code) which should be
rendered "inline" using a "monospaced" font (and not as seperate block
like <programlisting>).




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