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Subject: how to avoid the xmlns:xi on each include statement

Hi all!

    I have the following dummy problem: I need to <xi:include> lots of 
files into my manual.docbook however each line currently looks as

<xi:include href="aboutdialoginfo.docbook" 

is there a way I can avoid the xmlns:xi attribute ?
I have a big number of <xi:include> and it will be a lot of redundancy 
if I must put the xmlns:xi attribute in each tag.

I have tried to put the xmlns:xi attribute at the root of my docbook 
element <book> but then xmllint complains it's not a valid attribute for 
docbook DTD:

book: validity error : No declaration for attribute xmlns:xi of element book

I am using the following command line for validation:

xmllint --xinclude --postvalid --noent --nonet --noout 

Any hint?


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