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Subject: Re: [docbook] Page References with Page Numbers

fips wrote:
> Hi
> I am using docbook 5 with xinclude.
> I intend to write books using xinclude very often (each chapter is a
> separate xml-File, which makes it easy to generate new books for new courses
> in a short time.)
> I have not found a way to generate references from one part to another. They
> should all look like the following in the pdf-output:
> "(See Chapter XYZ "NAME OF CHAPTER" on page. ABC)"
> Under latex I had a simple script for that purppose:
> \newcommand*\totalref[1]{(S. Kap. \ref{#1} auf Seite \pageref{#1})}
> Is there something similar under docbook5?
> What is the standard way to do this?

Not sure 'standard' is the right word, but
olink works.


Very clear, very helpful.


Dave Pawson

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