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Subject: Re: [docbook] Proposal for RFE #1759782: Allow <uri> within<address>, <person>, <org>, etc.

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>, 2007-08-29 13:53 -0400:

> Proposal: Allow uri to occur everwhere that email occurs.
> I think that's a consistent and sensible position. Many systems
> represent email addresses as URIs anyway.
> Specifically, this means adding uri to the content model of six
> elements:
>   address
>   author
>   editor
>   org
>   othercredit
>   person

Figuring that if the change to add uri to those places were made,
it might make sense to check and see if there are actually more
places where both email and uri should be allowed other than the
ones where email already is now, I took a look through the current
DocBook 5 schema to see if I could find any. But I didn't come
across anything other than the above where it would seem necessary.

So the above list does seem to me to be the list complete list of
current elements for marking up the name of a person or
organization, along with other associated other information about
that person or organization (including URIs and e-mail addresses).

Which is a roundabout way of saying that it looks like a sound
proposal to me. :)

> I think we should also add the following values to the list of suggested
> type attribute values on URI:
>   homepage
>   weblog
>   webpage

When I first read the above, I thought the proposal was suggesting
that those should be used (along with other values) as enumerated
values on the type attribute (which by design in DocBook normally
doesn't contain enumerated lists). But then I realized it just
referred to the list that exists in the Processing Expectations
section of the documentation[1] for URI, not in the schema itself.

[1] http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/uri.html

Anyway, I'm not sure if it makes much difference, but I wonder if
"website" might be appropriate as suggested value in addition to
or instead of "webpage". Because it seems more normal to ask a
person, "What's the address for your (web)site?" than it does to
ask "What's the address for your web page?"


Michael(tm) Smith


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