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Subject: Re: [docbook] pdf image source path no longer working?

Claus <claus.klingberg@gmail.com>, 2007-08-31 12:05 +0200:

> I receive the following warnings when compiling using xsltproc with
> v1.73.1 (no warnings with version < 1.72.x):
> % xsltproc c:/work/docbook/my_docbook-fo-driver.xsl UC-importing-web-style.xml
> Note: namesp. cut : stripped namespace before processing           UC:
> Importieren von Daten über Webinterface

The above is a Note, not a warning. It is just there to let you
know that your source is a namespaced (DocBook 5) document, but
you are using the non-namespaced docbook-xsl stylesheets, so the
namespace is being stripped from your document before processing.

> Warn: no @xml:base: cannot add @xml:base to node-set root element  UC:
> Importieren von Daten über Webinterface
> Warn: no @xml:base: relative paths may not work                    UC:
> Importieren von Daten über Webinterface
> [...]
> Perhaps this gives some hint of what might go wrong?
> % xsltproc --version

Actually, those messages don't necessarily indicate that anything
is wrong. They are expected if you're using xsltproc. They are
there to warn you that in processing of namespaced docs with the
docbook-xsl stylesheets, there is a limitation in single-pass
namespace-stripping that can cause relative paths in URIs in your
document to be broken in output.

The way to avoid those warnings and to avoid that limitation they
are warning you about is to instead use the docbook-xsl-ns


Michael(tm) Smith


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