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Subject: Re: [docbook] v5 extension elements

Dick Hamilton wrote:
> Dave,
>>>  <define name="db.ubiq.inlines" combine="choice">
>>>   <choice>
>>>     <ref name="shLft"/>
>>>     <ref name='shRt'/>
>>>   </choice>
>>> </define>
>> In an external file Jirka.. then include the main db file?
> That's the way I would suggest doing this.  The DocBook 5.0
> Howto mentions this in the section on customization:
> http://docbook.org/docs/howto/#customconsiderations

Thanks Dick.
Suggest an example would help others understand.
Simple para explaining how the combine attribute works
For example

   <define name="db.ubiq.inlines" combine="choice">
      <ref name="myelement1"/>
      <ref name='myelement2'/>

<define name="myelement1">

This replaces or merges with the definition within the main
schema, due to the 'combine' attribute being set to 'choice'.
These two elements are added to the main definition.

Then when the schema is updated, the elements remain defined
without further work.



Dave Pawson

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